Thyroid at Home - Test Your Thyroid at Home with Your Basal Temperature

Track Your Thyroid Levels At Home

*Please Note: This post does contain affiliate links.* Can you really track your thyroid levels at home? Well... while you more than likely don't have access to an 'on call' phlebotomist or a laboratory to continually test blood results, a simple, old school thermometer might…
Switching from Sythroid to Armour Thyroid Hypothyroidism Hashimotos Natural Dessicrated Pig Hormone Medication

From Synthroid to Armour Thyroid

Two years ago, just after the birth of my son, frustrated, unhappy and downright sick, I started to research my thyroid disease further. I knew that I had Hashimoto's (an auto-immune disease that affects the thyroid to hypothyroidism). I knew that I was in a…